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Show and Tell

2019 Chairperson: Eileen O’Neal

Our guild hosts a monthly "Show and Tell" at our meetings.  Members may bring in their current or completed quilt projects and show them at the meeting.

Before Show and Tell at the meeting, members sign in with the chairperson with their name and a short description of their project(s) including pattern name if known.

Please use form link below.

We will try to have photos of each person's quilt projects "on the web."  Those exhibitors that do not want their quilt project displayed on our site, must indicate that wish to the Chairperson or webmistress and sign the form..

Members: Show and Tell Form - please fill in, sign, and  bring with you to meeting if you are showing a quilt.  1 form per quilt. (page now has 2 forms to cut apart)
HINTS to make this run smoothly: Before the meeting:
Get a NUMBER and FORMS for the quilts you are showing. 
FILL IN THE FORM(s) and give to Eileen

During Show and Tell, line up in order of your number. 
Hand the number to Eileen when it's your turn to show your quilt.  It's the only way the photographer (Dot Lang, most of the time) has of identifying each quilt for the web as they are posted in the order shown.

For Quilt Care information visit
Lisa Erlandson's website (link updated
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