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Guild officers

Become a Member

 BCQG Officers ~ 2020

Susie Emmons
Vice President
Aleta Mayrose
(speakers/programs, Workshops) 
2nd Vice President
(quilt show)
Linn Jencopale

Lynn Conklin 

Kay Thomas


Past Vice President
Nancy Carr

Left to Right: Kay Thomas, Susie Emmons, Aleta Mayrose, Linn Jencopale, Lynn Conklin

Contact any of the above at:  Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Inc., P.O. Box 1322, Keller, TX 76244-1322

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 Committees 2020
Bee Keeper Susie Barber 
Community Services Deb Heid 
Hospitality open: Looking for 3 to 4 members
Communications (email) JoAnne Sheppard 
Magazines Swap Lauren Friend
Membership Chris Sizemore
New Member Liaison Lynn Conklin
Newsletter Sheri Jones 
Opportunity Table Doris Schjelderup 
Quilt Show Boutique Kayleen Allan
Quilt Show Miniature Quilts Mona Levingston
Q.O.V. = Quilt of Valor Beverly Douglas
Retreat & Field Trips Kathi Runyan…
Show & Tell Eileen O’Neal 
Sunshine & Shadows Susie Emmons
TAQG representative Mary Nalley
Web Mistress  Mary Nalley ( Dot Lang retiring)  contact
* Denotes Committee Chairperson
Treasurer's Committiee Information: Forms for Deposits or Reimbursement
Quilting Bees
Bee Keeper:  Susie Barber 

Small stitch groups within our guild that meet regularly to stitch, do group projects, socialize and have fun.   Organization is kept limited, ie - no secretary, no minutes, no dues!   Most are limited in size due to meeting area restraints.  BCQG members may contact the Bee Keeper if you want to join or form a new group.  These bees form the heart of our guild and keep us going!  What better way to get to know some of the members! 

Membership to a bee is not restricted to BCQG members. Do invite your Bee members to join Bear Creek Quilt Guild if they haven't.

Please let the Bee Keeper know what your Bee is doing or needing.  Send Bee news to the Newsletter Editor so the rest of the guild will know what your bee is doing.

. A Few Loose Threads

Bag Ladies 

Blue Bonnet Quilters (BBQs)

Cub Paws 



Longarm Quilters*

Pieceful Daze

Pins and Needles

 * This is for Longarm Machine Quilters in business.

Starting a bee and keeping it going:
Keeping a bee going takes some perseverance at the beginning.  Make it  a habit not to cancel a meeting because only 2 or 3 can show up for a particular meeting.  If need be, change where you have to meet for that day.  As the group gets used to meeting with each other, your meetings will become better attended as each member makes it a part of their life.  Besides, the ones who don't show up will be curious about what you did or said at the meeting(s) they missed!
Community Services
 Deb Heid ~ Chairpersons
Charity Quilts & Other Projects
our ongoing projects...  with a goal of providing two quilts/year from each guild member.

Have you set your goal?
  Our quilts go to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth and Open Arms and as needed.

Members - please keep track of the hours you spend making a donation quilt.  Deb will be logging in your hours.

Baby Items:
Receiving blankets - 36” x 36” Preemie - 18” x 18”
Quilted blankets: 36”x36”, or 36’’’- 38” x 40”-42”
Baby booties
Baby Caps - 12”x4.5” or 13”x 6”
Lovies - 10”x10”, or 12”x 12”
Adult Items:
(mainly used for patients undergoing chemotherapy at their cancer center, and for their geriatric patients in their Hospital Elder Life Program.)
Afghans (crocheted or knitted)
Fleece or quilted blankets
All blankets: Lap -39”x 48”, Throw - 52” x 60”, Twin - 60” x 75”
Caps- 22”x 9”, 23.5”x 10.5”, or 24.5”x 11”
Scarves, women - 4.5”-8” x 64”-69” - Men, 4.5”-8” x 67”-75”
Ostomy bag covers - pattern:
Small Heart Shaped Pillows for breast cancer patients to place under their arm after surgery -
Please wash all quilts and blankets before donating to JPS.
Fleece, knit, or crocheted blankets are not accepted in the ICU or NICU. They are accepted for babies in other units and all adults. Knit or crocheted blankets are given to the new moms upon discharge.
Use child friendly fabric.
Below is an updated list of items needed by John Peter Smith Hospital (JPS). JPS is our county hospital and our guild is able to help them to show their patients love and care.
JPS Wish List

Guidelines for JPS donation baby quilts:

         Size: Newborns: 36" x 36" up to 40" x 44"

         Design: Juvenile print, panel, or patchwork or applique. 

         Filling: Bonded poly batting, light or medium weight.

         Fabric: 100% cotton OR cotton/poly blend 

         Quilting: Machine quilted 

         Binding: Sew on by machine (no hand sewing!)


Directions for  JPS PREEMIE CAP:

Using #4 needles cast on 72 sts. 
Work 2" of ribbing (K2, P2). 
Work 2 1/2" stocking st (K one row, P one row). 
Be sure to have 72 sts on needle when you start decreasing by: 
K4, K2 tog. across row. 
P one row. 
K3, K2 tog. across row. 
P one row.
K2, K2 tog. across row. 
P one row. 
K1, K2 tog. across row. 
P one row.
Cut yarn long enough to sew back seam & run through sts on needle. 
Pull up tight and sew seam.  Decorate with small pom-pom if desired.

Open Arms Quilts ~ Juvenile to Twin size bed quilts wanted
Gate House Quilts ~ Juvenile to Twin size bed quilts wanted

See Show & Tell pages for examples

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