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Block of Month 
Special Projects

Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge
1. Bring one yard of your ugliest fabric and a pair of scissors to January meeting. We will be cutting at the meeting.
2. Take the “Ugly Fabric” home – mull over it, study it, view it, etc. and then design a quilt using the fabric.
3. Take a photo of the “Ugly Fabric” that went home with you.
4. It must be a quilt of three layers – top, batting, and backing
5. The “Ugly Fabric” must be recognizable – used on the front of the quilt.
6.You cannot cut one tiny piece and hide it somewhere! The “Ugly Fabric” cannot be used as the backing.
7.You can add contrasting or complementary fabrics but these fabrics cannot overpower the “Ugly Fabric.”
8. Embellishments are acceptable. You may piece, applique, embroider, or paper piece – it is your project, use any method you wish.
9. The maximum size of the quilt is 24” by 24” or smaller. 

These mini quilts will bestrongly recommended for mini quilt auction in August at the quilt show.
The unveiling of the challenges will be at the May 21, 2019 meeting.
Remember to have fun with this challenge….. Prizes will be given out!!


Special Project Archives

Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge

Above is a sample of one person's " take home" fabric for quilt challenge after the game was over.

#1:  One yard of Ugly Fabric was brought by each member and distributed during a game time at the January meeting which involved passing the fabric brought, to others in the circle, and tearing it apart according to the leader's directions and passing 1/2 along again to be "cut" in half again.  Each person ended up with 4 pieces of fabric of various sizes after all passing and cutting was done. 

Chair: Joyce Erwin 
Baby Quilt Challenge

An alphabet panel is available to all guild members
interested in participating in the Baby Quilt Challenge.
The completed quilt top is all that is required
and volunteers will quilt the tops to then be donated.
Baby Quilt Challenge Rules:
1. All completed entries must be turned in no latertha n August 16, 2016. Joyce Erwin will be collecting the entries.

2. Completed entries turned in on or before August16 will be entered into a drawing. There will be three names drawn.
    a. Each person drawn will receive one of the following prizes:
          i. Gift Certificate for a weekend quilting retreat at WestforkRetreat,
              a $250 value
          ii. Gift card valued at $50.00
          iii. Quilting gift basket. $50.00 value

3. Entry Requirements
    a. All entries must incorporate the fabric given to each participant at challenge start.
    b. Entries may be no larger than 47” x 57”, no smaller than 40” x 40”
    c. Entries are quilt tops only
4. All entries become the property of BCQG to be used as donation quilts.

Direct any questions to Joyce Erwin



Mystery Blocks:  Return completed block at December Guild Meeting

The Special Project for this year will involve a mystery block project.  Once identified and firmed up, members can pick up an instruction sheet at the special projects table and when you bring back a completed block each month, your card will be stamped.  This will run for at least 4 months and possibly up to 6. 

Members will get to create a wall hanging or small quilted project to show off later in the year. 

We intend to bring back the Secret Pal exchange in 2015. Happy Sewing!

Member Rewards
for participation in the guild in 2014.

The more you attend and participate in the guild, the more you gain. 
Get your "Super Quilter card"
at the Special Projects table every meeting. Twana will initial your card at every meeting you attend.
     There are 12 spaces on the card. If you do nothing except attend all meetings of the year you will have one entry to win a prize basket at our December 2014 meeting.
     Every time you volunteer or participate in guild activities you ask the guild committee member or Special Projects to initial one of the spaces on your card.
     After you fill up a card, sign it, turn it in to Special Projects and start a new one.
Types of participation that are rewarded:
~Attend a Guild meeting
~Volunteer for quilt sitting
~Participate in Show and Tell
~Work on raffle quilt
~Volunteer at the Quilt Show
~Make a donation quilt (one square initialed for every 5 hours of work)
~Participate in monthly Special Projects (fat quarter raffle, BOM, etc...)
~Attend a workshop
~Attend a board meeting

Judy Rose & Kathi Runyan, Special Projects Chairpersons

If you participated in the fat quarter exchange you have more time to complete block, blocks, a table runner, whatever you want to enter using the fat quarters you exchanged.

The contest has been extended to September!

So, get to work on your entry and bring it to the next meeting, September 17!  Prizes will be awarded.

Judy Rose & Kathi Runyan

Trick or Treat October
Anyone interested in joining this fun activitshould bring a Trick or Treat bag with apartially made quilt or just a pattern and all the material that goes with it to the October Guild meeting. Here are the rules:
1. Bring a bag with all the material and pattern
of the quilt you are not going to finish
for some reason (hate it or tired of working
on it).
2. Place it on table and take someone else’s
3. Either complete the quilt or make at
least one block.
4. Bring back Quilt or bag with one block
completed in October 2014.
5. We will have “show and tell” of the
6. If you do not complete the quilt but
have made at least one block you can exchange
in for another Trick or Treat bag in
October 2014.
7. If you completed the quilt you may keep
it or give it back to the person who
brought it to the October 2013 meeting.
Let’s have a lot of fun and see what happens
in 2014. This would be an activity we could
continue on for years.
For April, May, June, & July,, the special Project will be "Fat Quarters"
If you would like to participate and challenge yourself, bring a fat quarter, any fat quarter from your stash, to the next guild meeting. Before you leave, you will choose a different fat quarter from the ones gathered and it will be up to you
to use at least half of it in creating a block of your choice. The block can be any size larger than 5 inches. We will solicit fat quarters from anyone interested in participating in April, May, June and July. At the end of the summer at the
August Guild meeting you should bring your completed blocks for judging. You do not have to make all four, participate as little or as much as you’d like. If you do all 4 months, the blocks do not have to be an organized project, they can be
4 separate blocks. At the August September meeting members will have the opportunity to view and vote on their favorites in a variety of categories. Winners will be awarded recognition and prizes. You may even have a mini quilt or project to submit to the Quilt Show for judging!
For all of 2013, A Special Project will be "Secret Pals" 

We are starting a Secret Pal Project! Everyone who participates as a secret pal, will fill out a Questionnaire (which will be made available at the February guild meeting and on the next page of this newsletter). You will be randomly matched with someone on the list. Each pal makes or purchases small gifts for their pal each month based on answers from the questionnaire.

If you know the person, all the better to make selections. More ideas can be had by making yourself known to your pal (secretly) by speaking with them or sitting by with them and getting to know some things about the person's likes or dislikes. It is a good way to meet people you don't know or get to know them better.  You can also remember their birthday or a special holiday with a theme gift.

Gifts for Secret Pals can be left at the "Special Projects Table" before guild meetings and will be distributed. At the December guild meeting, we all make something special for the person you are giving to as well as the person who is giving to you and we reveal our Secret Pal at that time. It is a lot of fun. Hope you will consider being a Secret Pal. 

If for some reason there is a need for a new pal during the current year, let me know that you are interested in stepping in to fill a void.

We will also be doing the Super Quilter cards this year. Be sure to pick up your new card at the next meeting and start getting it filled in.

August, Sept, October: Mystery Quilt
July: Five "Nickel" Charm Squares Exchange
June: red, white, or blue fat quarter drawing
May: free pattern for Snap Bag plus ruler
April:  Bright colored fat quarters drawing
March: none
February: Green fat Quarters drawing
January: none
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Block of the Month

Block of the Month


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