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Our past guild donation quilts
The quilt we made for Dave Lieber
History of our Guild pins
Photos from our 2012 guild retreat
Photos from our 2011 guild retreat
Our 2012 State quilts
Dave's Quilt
Dave Lieber is a Newspaper columnist for the Fort Worth Star Telegram.
Here's a picture of his original quilt full of  life's memories:
(You can click on the picture for a larger view).   Last September 1997 it was decided that this old quilt was beyond any type of repair so our guild decided to replace the old with new and  The old quilt - Click for a larger view (45KB)
proceeded to make new squares to duplicate as close as possible the look of the old quilt.  I do not have digital pictures of this stage of the process but do have pictures of the final step - putting the binding on.
Ready to bind  (14KB)
Close up of binding (13KB)
Talking & binding (13KB)
Dave got a chance to hold the quilt after we completed the binding.
Binding Complete (22KB)
        and a chance to get under it..
Dave under quilt (8KB)
This is part of the group that helped put the quilt together:
Group - (28KB)
As you can see, you will need to click on the
 picture to see what we really look like!!  Dave is down in front holding onto the new display box he received to keep his old quilt in. Of course he had the privilege of getting to sit on his own quilt!
Label:  click here for larger view  (48 KB)
If you would like to see the label up
close, then you will need to click on it , too!
Now for a side by side view of the old and the new:
Old quilt (47KB)
New (37KB)The new quilt did not have the binding on at the time the picture was taken.
Dave  was there to video tape the binding process and get his quilt story - after all, he is a reporter.  He is building a video of his quilt to air on his web site in early September, so be on the look out for it.
The new quilt was officially presented to him at our guild meeting in July 98. Here he is telling us about the history of his quilt:
The Story line
The group standing, worked on the new quilt.  You can click on the following photos for larger views.
Receiving the new quilt Presenting the quilt
Dave was also presented with a bag to store his quilt in when not in use. Wrapped in his quilt
Dave sat with his quilt at our 1998 show and this is how we found him at the show:
Dave on the job at the show

© 1998-2012 Photos by Dot

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