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Photos by Dot Lang
There are also Show and Tell photos posted by Michelle on our facebook page.  Click fb button to view.
1. Pam Roark
Quilted by Terina Nowlin Made for my wall bed 
Back of #1, Pam Roark
...then husband found panels of Shar-Peis just like our black one so I had to put panels of Shadow on the back. Look closely and you can see dog bones on the dog side
 2. Mary Hiatt 
"Floral Happiness" 
Quilted by Mary Hiatt 
Pattern is Pineapple Profusion
3. Aleta Mayrose
" Rhythm & Blues"
Block of the month by JoAnn Fabrics from about 2005.
I got it from an estate sale and finally put it together. Blocks were pre-cut and all the material plus extra was in the package.
4. Betty Reisch 
"Pecking Order" 
Quilted by Dee Talbott 
Pattern is Pecking Order by Missouri Star 
Started at last year’s retreat
5.Betty Reisch
2 Table Runners 
Quilted by Terina Nowlin and Betty Reisch
6. Betty Reisch 
"Donation Quilt" 
Quilted by Betty Reisch 
Made with leftover strips and squares
7. Marjorie Cunningham "Mother’s Blouses"
Quilted by Terina Nowlin 
Made for my daughter-in-law from her Mother’s blouses. She passed away from breast cancer in 2006.
8. Margaret Bullock 
"Log Cabin" 
Quilted by Margaret Bullock 
Pattern is Log Cabin by Jordan Fabrics 
I will donate this to a Quilt of Valor type group in Nebraska.
9. Linda Davis 
"Little Charmer"
 Quilted by Linda Davis 
Pattern is 3 Times the Charm  Made from 2 charm packs.
 10. Sheila Busby Center is by Bunny Hill Designs. The rest is a Round Robin. 11. Gloria Kennedy 
Green “Beraid” 
This has been cut and in my to-do pile for months. Michelle’s request for green quilts made me get to it!
12  Rachel Cowley 
Table runner 
Quilted by Rachel Cowley 
Table Runner. 
28. Vicky Kidd 13. Kathi Runyan 
Teal Ladders 
Made this at a retreat and it was the closest thing I had that had some shades of green/blue
.                            .
14. Yvonne Hylander 
Happy Minnie Mouse 
Quilted by Yvonne Hylander      Started making this 2 years ago when my great-granddaughter was born, just now finished it. It’s embroidery and applique.
15. Cindy Gerber-Chavez  Quilted by Cindy Gerber-Chavez Pattern is Braid Quilt 
Used my green scrapes to make this quilt.
16. Susan Turk
Boxy Tote 
Quilted by Susan Turk 
Sewed a boxy tote for my featherweight machine
.17. Beverly Douglas 
 Baby Quilt 
Quilted by Beverly Douglas  New grandson is coming in September. This is for him
18. Beverly Douglas 
Quilted by Beverly Douglas  Leftovers from 1st quilt used to make this one for charity
19. Linn Jencopale 
"Math Quilt for Drew"
 Quilted by Darlene Ward 
20. Joy Holkamp
"Orbit "
Quilted by Joy Holkamp
Pattern is a Cherrywood kit    At Quiltcon I purchased this kit using hand dyed fabrics. My son suggested adding shiny shadows thus the red lame. I learned to make a facing binding for an art look.
21. Vivian Roy 
"My Treasure" 
Quilted by Stitches of Joy (Mark & Joy Schilling)        Pattern is Desert Sky by Judy Neimeyer I finally got it finished this year!!! Started this several years ago.
22. Vivian Roy
"Map Panel Top"
23. Beverly Corkern 
"Into The Woods" 
Quilted by Barbara Charbonnet 
Pattern is Into The Woods
 24. Linda Divall 
Quilted by Linda Divall
My first attempt at paper piecing. Self-taught from Carol Doak’s book. The only green quilt I have.
25. Linda Divall 
"A Breeze"
Quilted by Linda Divall 
Free motion embroidery. Several years ago “the Stash” had a contest for free motion quilting.
26. Karen Scribner 
"Jardin de Versailles"
French General charm pack. Hoffman from Sew It Up. Border is fat quarters from Cabbage Rose.
27. Dot Lang
"Just for Fun"
quilted by Dot
Original pattern

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