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Show and Tell  ~ April 2017 

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Photos by Dot
45 Quilts Shown this month! including several from Bonnie Hunter's patterns of the past., Bonnie Hunter was our guest speaker this month.

1." Memories"
belongs to Gloria Faver  and  quilted by Lisa Lerner. 
A friend's Grandmother made her several outfits with smocking.  She wanted a quilt made from these dresses.
2. Linda Divall.
" Mom's Quilt " 
  Quilted by Darlene Ward. 
13 years ago when her Father passed away, they found a quilt top in her Mother's drawers.  She had passed away 26 years before.  It's 40+ years old and the history of the quilt is lost but it is much loved now.
3. Lisa Lerner
"Dallas to Denver " 
Quilted by Lisa Lerner
4. .JoAnne Sheppard
from a Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern
5. JoAnne Sheppard
from a Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern
6.  JoAnne Sheppard
from Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern
7. Karen Skjolsvik 
"Come Together America," a challenge by Quilter's Stash. Quilted by Darlene Ward. 
8.  Karen Skjolsvik
"Fancy Forest,"
a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. 
Quilted by Kelli Davis.
9. Cynthia Nolen 
from Bonnie Hunter's pattern, "Patches and Pinwheels."
10:  Eleven Baby quilt donations  from our most recent retreat.
11. Nancy Carr 
A Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt pattern made in 2012. 
Quilted by Nancy
12. Rosemary Dawes
"Flight of Fancy"
Bonnie Hunter pattern
13. Rosemary Dawes 
"Purple Tumbleweeds"
Bonnie Hunter pattern
14. Rosemary Dawes 
"Oklahoma Bound & Scrap Crystals."
Bonnie Hunter pattern
15. Sheri Jones 
from Bonnie's Allitaire Mystery (2015). 
The colors remind her of her recent trip to Italy.
 16. Linda Davis pieced and quilted this Bonnie Hunter mystery called Carolina "Mystery." 17. Doris Schjeiderup
Titled "Fairy Frolic."
from a block of the month started in Georgia in 2010. 
18. Kyle Mills made this T - shirt quilt as a graduation gift for a nephew. 
Quilted by Lisa Lerner.
19. Allison Bayer pieced and quilted this  "Garden Party" Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. (2014) 19. back of  Garden Party
 20. Susan Boutwell won several "ugly" fabrics that she turned into a beautiful quilt titled Magic Inch. 21.Robin Pry made this quilt "Cats" for her daughter. 
She embroidered the cats on her machine then pieced and quilted it.
22. Rebecca Williams did this Common Thread BOM 2016.  Quilted by Lori Snider 23. Kayleen Allen
A Judy Neimeyer pattern ,
"Bali Wedding Ring" 
quilted by Mark and Joy Schilling
24. Kayleen Allen
A Bonnie Hunter pattern
"En Provence"
quilted by Anne Owens
25. Joy Schilling 
"Paradise Oasis, "
from the pattern, Desert Sky. 
Quilted by Mark Schilling
26. Sandra Hardin 27. Sandra Hardin 28. Sandra Hardin  29. Jessica Harper
T-shirt Quilt
Quilted by Jessica
30. Jessica Harper
2-sided T-shirt Quilt
Quilted by Jessica

31. Jessica Harper
Other side of 2-sided 
T-shirt Quilt
Quilted by Jessica
32. Mary Kirwin 
log cabin quilt titled "Rosemary's Furrows." 
The blocks were actually made by a late friend Rosemary Fitch ten years ago. Mary set the blocks using fabric inherited from Rosemary's stash.
Quilted by Jessica Harper.
33. Mona Levingston showed two of her clients quilts that she did the longarm quilting on. 34. Mona Levingston.
Bonnie Hunter during her talk about her quilts.  She showed numerous quilts that use her technique for saving your fabric scraps in certain sized increments.

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