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 quilted by owners unless otherwise noted 7
1. Lisa Lerner
hot iron sleeve
Quilted by Lisa Lerner
 2. Lisa Lerner 
Blue and Yellow Guest Quilt
Quilted by Lisa Lerner
3.  JoAnne Sheppard 
Blackford’s Beauty 
Quilted by JoAnne Sheppard
4. Rosalie Weiler for Gatehouse
Lynn Roddy Brown pattern:
Texas Shuffle 
Quilted by Volunteer
 5. Rosalie Weiler for  Gatehouse 
Pat Speth pattern
Quilted by Volunteer
6.  Rosalie Weiler for Gatehouse
“Silk Purse”
Quilted by Volunteer
7. Linda Davis
Vintage  Star 
Quilted by Linda Davis
8A.   Jennifer Chenault
Jewel Box
Quilted by Paula Burda
8B. Lisa Wood 
Jewel Box
Quilted by Paula Burda
9. Lori Ladd 
Sonnet by Moda 
Quilted by Lori Ladd
10.  Kathy Runyan
Fidget Quilt
Quilted by Kathi Runyan
11. Sisters of Sewing KUMC
Quilted by Lisa Lerner
Sisters of Sewing KUMC
Quilted by Lisa Lerner
12. Delores Talbot
Floral Fire 
Quilted by Delores Talbott
13. Sheri Jones
Quilters Dream Sampler
Quilted by Sheri Jones
14. Linda Newberry
Bionic Gear Bag 
15. Joy Holecamp
Wine Picnic
Quilted by Joy Holecamp
16. Sue Ellis 
Colts I Spy
Quilted by Sue Ellis
17.Sandra Hardin
Texas Wildflowers II
 18..Sandra Hardin 
My Texas
  19. Aleta Mayrose
Stripe Strip Quilt
20.Vicki House 
Block of the Month
Quilted by Mona Levingston
21.  Antique Quilt pre-1900's
Pattern:  Elongated 9-Patch
owned by Dot Lang
maker and quilter unknown
from Lidonia, TX

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