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Photos from our 2012 guild retreat
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Show and Tell  ~  April 2014 

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 quilted by owners unless otherwise noted 
1. Paula Burda
Quilt of Valor 
Quilted by Paula Burda
 2.  Jackie Cleghorn
Texas Autumn #2
Quilted by Darlene Ward
3.  Sandra Hardin
Memory T-shirt quilt 
4. Dana Robbins 
Good Morning Placemats
Quilted by Dana Robbins
 5 Kayleen Allen
Block of the Month Variation     Quilted by Delores Talbot
6. Kayleen Allen 
Block of the Month Variation
Quilted by Delores Talbot
7. Kayleen Allen 
Friendship Bee Quilt
Garden of Friends 
Quilted by Delores Talbot
8.Suzanne Martinez 
Pink Scrappy Trip
Quilted by Barb Chamblee
9. Suzanne Martinez
King Scrappy Trip 
Quilted by Barb Chamblee
10. Jessica Harper
Mountain Meets Sea 
   Quilted by Jessica Harper
11. Aleta Mayrose
Girl Scrappy 
12. Alelta Mayrose
Boy Scrappy
13. Phylliss Barnes
Bed scarf Spring 
Quilted by Phyllis Barnes
14.  Phylliss Barnes
Bed scarf  Fall 
Quilted by Phyllis Barnes
 Commnity Service
2015 Donation Quilt
  Tickets available from Guild Members or at Guild Meetings until Feb. 2015 .
The Blocks
(no, they are not clickable)
Blocks and borders by: Michele Barnes, Barb Chamblee, Lynn Conklin, Charna Gray, Sandra Hardin, Sheri Jones,Carol Leinen,, Teaa Lentz, Linda Newberry, Judy Ptak, JoAnne Sheppard, Lucy Suggs, Rosalee Weiler.
Quilted by Mona Levingston
Signature Block on back of quilt.

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