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February 2012

Show and Tell
Including some of the Award winning quilts from our Quilt Show this month.
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Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Inc.  - 1991
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  quilted by owner unless otherwise noted
1. Racheal Morgeson 
My Baltimore 
Quilted by Wanda Jones
 2. Racheal Morgeson 
1997 Peacemakers 
Quilted by Women’s Group FUMC, Claremore, OK
3. Madison Shaw 
Double 4 Patch
4.Lisa Wood 
Quilted by Fran Perdue
 5. Barb Chamblee 
Aunt Millies Garden In Black & White
Quilted by Barb Chamblee
6. Scot Wingo 
Anam Cara (Soul Friend) 
Quilted by Donna MJ Kinsey
7. Dot Lang   
Autumn Leaves in Oklahoma 
Hand quilted by Dot Lang
8. Joy Schilling 
Bloomin 9 Batch 
Quilted by Mark Schilling
9.Dana Robbins 
Glacier Star 
Quilted by Dana Robbins
 10.Dana Robbins 
Surprisingly Cool 
Quilted by Dana Robbins
11.Mark Schilling 
Pieces of Autumn 
Quilted by Mark Schilling
12. JoAnne Sheppard 
Diamond Log Cabin 
Quilted by JoAnne Sheppard
13.Shawn Frazier 
Purple Ribbon 
Quilted by Julie Lawson
14. Bill & Rosalee Weiler 
Fallin’ for Bill 
Quilted by Paula Burda
15.Sue Ellis 
Dear Louise I 
Quilted byKaren Wood
 16.Sue Ellis 
Dear Louise II 
Quilted by Karen Wood
 17. Sheri Jones 
Starry Roads 
Quilted by JoLonn Stanley-Carter
18. Lucy Suggs 
Sanibel, FL 
Quilted by Janie Merritt
 Quilt presented to Shawn  Back.of quilt presented to Shawn.
Community Service Quilts  
* Slide Show - There will be a new slide show each month, previous month's slide show will be deleted

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