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November 2009

Show and Tell

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Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Inc.  - 1991

  quilted by owner unless otherwise noted
1.  Shawn Frazier
 Daydream Believer
2. Shawn Frazier
Asian Moon
3. Kayleen Allen
Texas 2 Step
4. Kayleen Allen
  5. Teresa Bristow
Meagan’s Quilt
Julie Lawson
 6 back.  Carol & Barb Abel
Haley’s Quilt
6 front. Carol & Barb Abel
Haley’s Quilt
7. Teaa Lentz
½ Log Cabin
 8.  Teaa Lentz
Tellie’s Treasures
Bonnie Sloan
9.  Linda Davis
A Touch of Asia
10.  Rosemary Dawes
Purple Madness
11. Peggy Burrell
Patience Corner
12. Shelley Miller
Sophia’s Quilt
13.  Dee Watts
Seasonal Surprise 2 in 1
Becky Harness
13. Dee Watts
Seasonal Surprise 2 in 1
Becky Harness
14. Sandy Mercado
Red White and Blue
15.  Sandy Mercado
Winter White
16. Sandy Mercado
Cindy Lou Who?
17. Michelle Lewis
My Life in T-Shirts
18. Ruth Loyd
Butterflies Are Free 
19. Teresa Pitts
Online Block Swap
20. Teresa Pitts
Online Bock Swap
21. Elizabeth Gage
Gigi’s Big Girl Quilt
Dina Dye
22.  Elizabeth Gage
Zachary’s Cars Quilt 
Dina Dye
23.  Maureen Ciemian 
Christmas Trip Around the World
24. Maureen Ciemian 
Fred & Autumn’s Wedding Quilt
25.  Jackie Cleghorn
Turtles In Purple
26.  Jackie Cleghorn
Boss’s Bad Day
27.  A Few Loose Threads Bee
Red X Donation Quilt 
quilted by Rachel Cowley
. ..
28.  Piecemakers Bee 
30 Donation Baby Quilts
29.  New and Current Members 
Donation Baby Quilts

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