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April 2009

Show and Tell

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Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Inc.  - 1991

  quilted by owner unless otherwise noted
1.  Sherrill Pecere 
Pineapple Blossom 
quilted by Julie Lawson
2. JoAnne Livingston 
Holly’s Blankey 
quilted by JoAnne Livingston
3.  Erema Merrill 
Blues in the Night 
quilted by Paula Burda
4.Paula Burda 
Dreams of Southwest 
  5. Paula Burda 
Dusty’s Snakes 
 #6. Cheryl Roberts  Unnamed 
quilted by Tracy Moyers
7.  Cathy Braunreiter 
Garden Trellis 
quilted by Barbara Chamblee
8. Cathy Braunreiter 
Big Star 
quilted by Barbara Chamblee
 9. Michelle Lewis 
Fancy Kittie
10.  Sandra Hardin 
Remember Your Roots 
quilted by Sheri Mecom
   11. Jackie Cleghorn 
Sooo What School Do You Go To?
 12. Jackie Cleghorn 
Eileen’s Stars 
quilted by JaLonn Carter-Stanley

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