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September 2008

Show and Tell

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  quilted by owner unless otherwise noted
1. JoAnne Livingston 
2. Linda Anderson 
Gingerbread Joy 
quilted by  JaLonn Carter-Stanley 
3. Linda Anderson
Scrabble Jack 
4.  Colleen Conner 
quilted by Sheri Mecom 
  5.  Rachel Morgeson 
Love Those Bunnies
 6. Rachel Morgeson
7.   Susan Minatree 
 Susanna Zimmerman Amish Hand quilter
8. Rosemary Dawes 
That's It
 9.  Teaa Lentz 
Autumn Leaves 
  quilted by Bonnie Sloan 
10. Teaa Lentz 
Flowers and Bear Paws
Quilted by Bonnie Sloan 
11. Teaa Lentz 
The Things You Need To Build A Snowman
 quilted by Bonnie Sloan 
 .12.  Mona Levingston 
 French Braid Tote Bag 
13. Teresa Bristow 
Raggedly Horses
 14. QueenBees Bee 
Blue Ribbon Weave
Janet Grisson 
 #15. Fisher House Team 
Barbara Bennett, Terry Freeman,    Joan Houle,Shelia Harris, Linda Gillham,JoAnne Livingston, Sandra Hardin, & Rosalee Weiler
  Quilts donated to Fisher House
   Quilted by JoAnne
Livingston, Barbara Bennett
 ##16. Jackie Cleghorn
Texas Sunset 
Made and Quilted by 
  George Siciliano
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