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September 2007

Show and Tell

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  quilted by owner unless otherwise noted
#  Patricia Shelley 
Christmas Cottages 
quilted by Patricia Shelley 
#2a  Teaa Lentz
 Bali Hai Wall hanging 
quilted by Bonnie Sloan 
Debbie Maddy pattern
#3Teaa Lentz 
Mini Pinwheels 
quilted by Jackie Nugent 
Misc. Blocks
#4Teaa Lentz 
Winter Dazzle 
quilted by Bonnie Sloan 
 # 2d  Teaa Lentz 
Unnamed Runner 
quilted by Bonnie Sloan 
  #2e Teaa Lentz 
A Scrap Rug 
   #3 Elizabeth Gage
Garment - Dress
# Elizabeth Gage
Garment - Undergarments 

Kari pattern

   #Elizabeth Gage 
Revised Dress
 #6 Lynn Conklin & Cathy Braunreiter 
Outside the Box
quilted by Lynn Conklin 
 #7 Kaye Shapaker 
Christmas Stocking
quilted by Kaye Shapaker 
Thimbleberries pattern
   #8 Joyce Bohan 
  #9  Leslie Gill 
You Name it J
quilted by JaLonn Carter-Stanley
 Blooming 9 Patch
  #10Lyn Crow &  JoAnne Shepard
 quilted by Paula Burda 
#11  Dot Paneri 
Mr. Snowman 
 #12 Charna Gray 
Fanci Cats 
pattern by Debbie Maddie
 #13 Joy Holekamp 
 Five Pumpkins
quilted by Joy Holekamp 
Thimbleberries Pattern
#14 Ann Thomas
Friend or Foe 
quilted by  Ann Thomas
Pattern by  Carla Scott
 #15  Charlene Sadley 
Baby Hearts & Roses 
Quilted by  Charlene Sadley 
Magic Trip @ World
 #16 Rachel Cowley 

Pattern by Colleen Wise

 #17 Judy O'Connell 
Dear Jane-My Peace In Chaos
quilted by Sarah Frances 
pattern - DearJane
 # 18 Janice Irick 
Chocolate Dreams
quilted by JaLonn Carter-Stanley 
pattern: Turning 20 & Turning 20 Again
.#19 Erema Merrill 
Graduates Path 
quilted by Paula Burda 
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