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March 2007

Show and Tell

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  quilted by owner unless otherwise noted
 Sorry, Dot (me) did not make it to the March 20 meeting (total slip of mind).  No camera was at the meeting so there are no pictures of the quilts.
#1 Sherrill Pecere 
Once I was a Basket 
quilted by Libby Prather
#2  Sherrill Pecere 
Randy Norris
#3 Sherrill Pecere 
Soldier Donation
Mel Burda
#4 Erima Merrill
Jessica's Quilt of Many Colors
     # 5  Maureen Ciemian
Blue Bonnet Chenile 
 #6 Maureen Ciemian
Pineapple Delight
  #7 Maureen Ciemian 
Fabulous Flip Flops 
 #8 Racheal Morgeson 
English Cottage Garden 
 #9 Sharry Lanier
Canon's Sport Quilt 
 #10 Sharry Lanier
Mason's Mason Jar Quilt
 #11 Sharry Lanier
Addison Grace's Baby Quilt 
 #12 Sharry Lanier 
Sadie Mills' Baby Quilt 
Not quilted yet
 #13  Mary Davidson 
In and Out Burgers
JaLonn Carter-Stanley
 #14  JoAnne Livingston 
Connecting Crosses 
 #15  JoAnne Livingston
Carol Doak's ClassToday 
#16 Happy Johns
Scrappy Flowers 
Not quilted yet
 #17 Happy Johns
Block from Workshop 
Not quilted yet
 #18   Happy Johns
Baby Quilt
Not quilted yet
. .
 #19 Linda Winant
Go Fish 
 #20  Leslie Gill 
Grandmother's Fans 
JaLonn Carter-Stanley
 #21 Teresa Pitts
Mystery Quilt 
Not quilted yet
 #22  Thread Bears
Flower Garden 
Joy Holekamp
#23  Teaa Lentz
Sweet Retreat
Bonnie Sloan
. .. .
#24 Teaa Lentz
Blue Indigo Table Sq.
Bonnie Sloan
#25 Teaa Lentz
Double Heart Runner
Bonnie Sloan
 #26 Teaa Lentz 
Chick N Stars
Bonnie Sloan
#27 Donna Perrotta 
Western Stars 
Julie Lawson
#28 Donna Perrotta 
Frog Stack N Whack
Julie Lawson
 #29 Joy Holekamp
Donation Quilt from Retreat 
#30 Jennie Nixon 
Basket Table Runner 
#31  Sandra Hardin
Not quilted yet


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