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June 2006

Show and Tell

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  quilted by owner unless otherwise noted
#1Martha Rettberg 
My First Quilt - Sampler 
#2 Martha Rettberg 
Blooming Nine-Patch 
#3 Martha Rettberg 
Kerry's Big Shirt
#4 Betty Mendoza 
Big Star 
quilted by Janet Stuart
# 5 Gwen Roof 
Wedding Quilt 
quilted by Becky Harness
   # 6 Racheal Morgeson 
Sycamore Sky
 #7 Lynn Conklin 
Christmas Wall Hanging
 #8 Ann Thomas 
Mountain Majesty 
quilted by Becky Harness
  #9 Sarah Dyer 
Wildflower Snuggle Quilt 
 #10 Sarah Dyer 
Great Grandmother Lone Star Quilt
quilted by Sarah Elizabeth Dyer

 #11 Linda Davis 
Spring Lonestar
 #12Marlena Dupre' 
My Aunt's  Wool Quilt Top 
 #13 Laura Palmer 
Table Runner
 #14 Happy Johns 
Halloween Bright
 #15 Leo Stringer
Holiday with Grandma & Granddad 
quilted by Sally Stringer
 #16 Julie Lawson 
Morgan's Catz
 #17 Julie Lawson 
Kansas Star in Trouble

#18 Pat Parks 
The OCD Quilt 
quilted by Paula Burda
 #19 Joy Holekamp 
Hunter Star Runner 
 #20 Vicky Torrey Grandma's 
Fan Dance 
quilted by Bob Provencher
     #21 Dot Lang 
Road to Oklahoma
 #22 Brenda Sweeney
Texas Cowboy
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