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March 2006

Show and Tell

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  quilted by owner unless otherwise noted
#1 Carolyn Stringer 
#2 Jo Lonn Carter-Stanley
Mom's Pieced Quilt-circa 1980's 
Quilter Unknown
#3 Jo Lonn Carter-Stanley 
Grandmother's Pieced Quilt-circa 1940's
Quilter Unknown
#4 Marlena Dupre' 
San Antonio Christmas
#6 Peggy Hamil 
Happy 90th
   #5  Diane Michal 
Women of Grace & Charm 
Quilted by Richard Larson
  Back of Diane's quilt  #7 Janice Irick 
Vintage Garden in the Spring 
quilted by Becky Harness
 #8 Sharry Lanier 
Garret's Baby Quilt
 #9 Sharry Lanier 
Annual Whimsey Quilt
 #10 Carolyn Abs 
Hexagon I Spy 
quilted by Dina Dye
 #11Carolyn Abs
Bluebonnet Lone Star 
quilted by Dina Dye
 #12 Sara Moe 
Winding Curves II 
 #13 Teaa Lentz 
3 Donation Quilts for J.P.S.
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