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October 2005

Show and Tell

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  quilted by owner unless otherwise noted
 Community Service Quilts
  #1 Maureen Cienian 
Nate & Amanda 
 #1 Maureen Cienian 
Tooth Fairy 
  #3 Carolyn Stringer 
Dancing Frogs 
 #4 Racheal Morgeson
Dancing Pin Wheels 
 #5 Racheal Morgeson 
Aunt Gracies Blooms 
#6 Barbara Bennett 
Donation Quilt 
 #7 Karen Bumgardner Baby Quilt for JPS 
quilted by Loretta Brennan
  #8 Karen Bumgardner 
Falling Leaves 
quilted by Paula Burda
 #9 Maryann Jardine 
Philip's Trains 
#10 Joy Holekamp 
#11 Joy Holekamp 
Donation Quilt 

 #12  Donation Quilt Open Arms 
by Basketcases Bee
 #13 Erema Merrill
9 patch in a square 
quilted by Lillie Mae Canaday
  #14 Erema Merrill 
Leaves & Trees
 #15 Jennie Nixon 
Tour de Nixon 
quilted byJennie Nixon & 
JaLonn Carter Stanley
 #16 Jennie Nixon 
Autumn Leaves 
quilted by Jennie Nixon & JaLonn Carter Stanley
 #17 Hedy Stanton 
Soldier's Quilt 
quilted by Loretta Brennan

Picture did not turnout

 #18 & 19 Sandra Rico 
Bag & Vest
 #20 Debbie Batz 
baseball quilt for grandson 
#21 Beth Rhodes 
Kid Quilt 
.. .
#22 -Bonnie Miller, Beth Rhodes, Maggie Perkins,  JaLonn Carter Stanley, Brenda Sweeney 
Tops from Sharon Schamber's class 


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