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Show Listings of Quilt Winners
Quilt Show Judge:  Brenda Jeschke (link offsite)

Raffle Quilt: Phillip DeVille bought the wining ticket.  His wife, Lisa,, is a member of Trinity Valley QG

Raffle Basket: Won by Linn Jencopale, our guild president.

Best of Show – "Finding my Father" --  by Rosalee Weiler, quilted by Jessica Harper


Judges Choice – "Blue Bonnet Garden" – Kayleen Allen, quilted by Delores Talbott

Chairman’s Choice – "Starburst"  – Sheri Jones

President's Choice – "Solar in 3-D" – Loretta Brennan, quilted by Mona Livingston

Viewer's Choice  – "Out of the Darkness" – Kayleen Allen, quilted by Mona Livingston

Member's Choice  –  "Gravity" – top made by Linn Jencopale, quilted by Darlene Ward (designed by Jaybird Quilts)

Large Pieced Category: 101
 1st Place: My Old Kentucky Home – Darlene Ward
 2nd Place: Christmas Cactus – DeAnne Bradford
 2nd Place: My Version of Carpenter Star Quilt – Yvonne Hylander
 3rd Place: Beans and Rice – Linn Jencopale
 3rd Place: Scrappy Irish Sensation – Darlene Ward
 HM: Out of Darkness – Kayleen Allen
 HM: Gold Rush to Fall – Jackie Cleghorn
 HM: Love At First Sight – Bonnie Miller
 HM: Virginia Bound – Darlene Ward
 HM: Happy Puzzle – Lisa Wood

Applique:   102
 1st Place: Finding My Father – Rosalee Weiler
 2nd Place: Flower Box Melody – Mona Levingston
 3rd Place: Pieces of the Past – Deby Calvert
 HM: Midnight Snows – Sunista Cote
 HM: Maui Hibiscus – Mary Jo Rawlins
 HM: Chick Jubilee – Delores Talbott

One Person Category:  103
 1st Place: Lavender Samplings – Mona Levingston
 2nd Place: Feathered Star – Eileen O’Neal
 2nd Place: Night Sky – Delores Talbott
 3rd Place: Double Stars – Rachel Cowley
 HM: Bear Paw Lake – Paula Burda
 HM: D & K Butterfly Quilt – Nancy Carr
 HM: Tribute to Lone Star – Nancy Carr
 HM: Bowls – Rachel Cowley
 HM: Farm Girl Memories – Linda Davis
 HM: Cherry Blossoms – Linda Davis
 HM: Aqua Friendship Braid – Lisa Lerner
 HM: I Touched the Sky – Ruth Loyd
 HM: Birds of a Feather – Eileen O’Neal
 HM: Braided Columns – Eileen O’ Neal

Miniatures Category: 104
 1st Place: A Drunkard’s Path – JoAnne Sheppard
 1st Place: Oh My Stars! – Sue Ellis
 2nd Place: Starburst – Kayleen Allen
 3rd Place: Amish Square in a Square – Eileen O’Neal
 3rd Place: Chevron – JoAnne Sheppard
 HM – Tiddlywinks – JoAnne Sheppard

Chairman’s Choice: 106
 1st Place: Colorsplash Basket – JoAnne Sheppard
 2nd Place: Scarlet Macaw – Colleen Connor
 3rd Place: Untitled – Linn Jencopale
 HM: Untitled – Kayleen Allen
 HM: A Real Splash – Dot Lang
 HM: Butterfly – Kay Thomas
 HM: Star Trail – Kathi Watkins

First Time Category:  107
 1st Place: Study in Batiks – Kathleen Smith
 2nd Place: Bali Wedding Star – Cherie Brooks
 3rd Place: Building Blocks – Gloria Favor
 HM: Sampler Quilt – Janet Key

Kits and Block of the Month: 108
 1st Place: Gravity – Linn Jencopale
 2nd Place: Blue Bonnet Garden – Kayleen Allen
 3rd: Stellar Effort – Marilyn Cox
 HM: My Tokyo Ladies – Jackie Cleghorn
 HM: Winter’s Tale – Rachel Cowley
 HM: The Raven – Ruth Loyd
 HM: Robotics – Eileen O’Neal
                   HM: Can’t See the Forest for the Trees – Darlene Ward

Group Category:   109
 1st Place: Dear Louise 3 – Sue Ellis
 2nd Place: School Days – Deby Calvert
 3rd Place: Oceans of Color – Joan Houle

Mixed Category:   110
 1st Place: Botanical Christmas – Rosalee Weile1
 2nd Place: Friendships Make Good Quilts – Jackie Cleghorn
 3rd Place: Purple Cone Flowers – Jackie Cleghorn
 HM: Flip Flops and Salt Water – Jackie Cleghorn

Small Pieced:  113
 1st Place: Arrowhead Crossing – Rachel Cowley
 2nd Place: Solar in 3-D – Loretta Brennan
3rd Place: Kaffee Fassett Exchange – Ethel Bradford
HM: Kansas Troubles Star – Chris Atwell
HM: Paisley Pinwheels – Chris Atwell
HM: Scrap Bars – Ethel Bradford
HM: Circling Geese – Nancy Carr
HM: Snowkissed Star – Paige Conley
HM: Shimmering Leaves – Colleen Connor
HM: Think Inside the Box – Kathi Watkins

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