Storing Blankets

Cleaning and Storing Blankets, Quilts and Comforters

Winter is over and now is the time to store all those extra blankets that you won’t need over the summer. All the quilts and comforters that you use during the cold months should be carefully stored away for next winter. Before you store your quilts, blankets and comforters for the summer you should clean them. That way they will not develop any unwanted mildew and they will be ready to use on the first cold night.

Before you clean any quilt, comforter or blanket you should read the care instructions if there are any and follow them for that blanket, quilt or comforter. If there are no care instructions on them you are on your own.

Wool Blankets

A wool blanket can be shaken and aired outside to get the dust out of it. A wool blanket is a dust collector so it may take some shaking to get the dust out. You can also put the wool blanket in a drier without any heat on for fifteen minutes to shake out the dust. If a wool blanket needs to be cleaned you should take it to a professional dry cleaner. If you wash a wool blanket in a washing machine you are taking a chance that is will shrink.


A comforter can also be shaken out if it is not too dirty. If a comforter is dirty you can take a chance and put it into a washing machine and wash it on a cold wash cycle. Some comforters are completely washable and dryable it depends on what it is made of. If you don’t think your comforter is washable take it to a professional dry cleaner if it is real dirty.


Quilts can also be shaken are aired outside if they are just dusty. A quilt that is dirty will need extra care. Quilts can be completely washable if they are made of a synthetic material or a cotton. You can wash a quilt in the cold water cycle of a washing machine if it is washable. If your quilt is made of silk, wool or another delicate material you need to dry clean the quilt to keep it looking good. When you are considering washing a quilt you need to consider what the quilt is stuffed with. If the quilt is stuffed with a wool the wool can shrink in water and pucker up when it is dry.

Store Everything Properly When You Clean Them

Proper storage of blankets, quilts and comforters is essential. After cleaning you will want to store them away. Blankets should be stored in a bag and away from heat, sun and moisture. Comforters should be stored in a plastic bag and pressed out of shape as much as possible. Quilts don’t need to be stored away but keep them in their original shape for best results for next winter.

Let them Dry Out

The best way to keep all your blankets, quilts and comforters clean is to let them dry out. You can do this by storing them away in a dry place, or if you have a clothes line hang them outside. Just make sure there is no moisture around the items that you are stowing away for next winter. If you put your blankets and comforters in the attic or basement make sure you don’t allow any moisture to build up.

Storage of Blankets and Quilts in General

Blankets and quilts can be stored easily if you follow these simple rules:

Store them away from the sun and heat. You want to store them away from the kitchen, furnace or heat vents. Storing them in a crawl space or attic is okay as long as it isn’t hot. Make sure that you don’t store blankets away with winter clothing or other items or they will attract insects and moths.


Cleaning and storing your blankets, quilts and comforters will help keep them clean and good for many years to come. By following the simple steps above you can be sure that your blankets will be ready for use when you need them next winter.

A few extra tips for cleaning your blankets include washing the covers before storing. This will help remove dust, dirt, etc. from them before storing them away for next winter.

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