Benefits of Joining A Quilt Guild

Benefits of Joining A Quilt Guild

So what’s so special about a quilt guild anyway? What kind of services does it provide its members? How much money could I make if I joined? Is it worth my time and effort?

Join us as we explore these questions and more. We’ll explain everything from what goes into forming one to how membership works and even list a few resources where you can find out more about setting up your own group.

Let’s start by taking a look at just exactly what makes a quilt guild different from any other type of organization. What sets a quilt guild … Read the rest

Basics of Quilting

The Basics of Quilting: Tips For Beginners

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to make a quilt. Maybe someone gave one as a gift or maybe you found the pattern online. Either way, here is some information about what you will need and how to start making your first quilt.

What You’ll Need

A table top (or dining room chair) – This should be long enough to accommodate all of the steps involved in piecing the quilt without having to move around too much. If possible, use something sturdy like an old wooden desk.

Large cutting board – This can also be used as part of your … Read the rest

How to Stitch Quilt Borders

How to Stitch Quilt Borders – Beginners Guide

¬≠The border on a quilt is often the last part that gets stitched together for any given project — it’s just so easy to overlook! But if you’re going to make a quilt with more than 100 pieces, it pays to get these corners right.

Not only will they look good when finished, but they’ll help hold everything together while you work on other aspects of the project itself. In fact, getting them wrong could actually cause problems later on, as we’ll see below. This article covers all the steps involved in stitching up a quilt’s borders, from choosing fabric … Read the rest

Paper Piecing Tutorial

Paper Piecing Tutorial

Today, we are going to walk through paper piecing. Paper piecing can be a challenging technique to master. In reality, the possibilities are limitless if you grasp this concept. When it comes to printing and sewing, there is no limit to what you may create. Paper piecing patterns include a wide range of subjects.

What Is Paper Piecing?

The definition of paper piecing is the sewing together of pieces of paper with fabric, which once stitched together, creates a collage. The technique allows you to sew more than one shape onto one piece, and then sew the pieces together. It … Read the rest

Journal Quilts

Guide to Journal Quilts

Diaries have long been used as a way to express personal insight and emotions. Diaries are a place were people can let down their inhibitions and freely write what they feel. It is a way to deal with regret and loss. It is also an outlet for emotions. At times they are a catalog of events.

Journal quilts serve the same purpose. The Journal Quilt Project, started by Karey Bresehen in 2002, was open to members of Quilt Art. The purpose was to make one quilt page a month. The size was 81/2 x 11. They were to create … Read the rest