Quilt Block Cake

Birthday Idea – Quilt Block Cake

Serving a cake to your quilting group? Know someone who collects the quilts and you want to surprise her with a patchwork cake? You won’t have to search websites for complicated recipes; it’s so easy to make a patchwork quilt when you cheat a little. Instead of baking the cake yourself, and trying to section off the designs, take a shortcut to all of that and you’ll produce a fabulous quilt block cake for any special occasion.

It’s challenging to bake a cake, create a patchwork design on top, and then try to fill in all of those squares with … Read the rest

Storing Blankets

Cleaning and Storing Blankets, Quilts and Comforters

Winter is over and now is the time to store all those extra blankets that you won’t need over the summer. All the quilts and comforters that you use during the cold months should be carefully stored away for next winter. Before you store your quilts, blankets and comforters for the summer you should clean them. That way they will not develop any unwanted mildew and they will be ready to use on the first cold night.

Before you clean any quilt, comforter or blanket you should read the care instructions if there are any and follow them for that … Read the rest