Quilt Block Cake

Birthday Idea – Quilt Block Cake

Serving a cake to your quilting group? Know someone who collects the quilts and you want to surprise her with a patchwork cake? You won’t have to search websites for complicated recipes; it’s so easy to make a patchwork quilt when you cheat a little. Instead of baking the cake yourself, and trying to section off the designs, take a shortcut to all of that and you’ll produce a fabulous quilt block cake for any special occasion.

It’s challenging to bake a cake, create a patchwork design on top, and then try to fill in all of those squares with frosting and edible embellishments. What’s much easier is to use individual snack cakes to make the assorted squares on the patchwork cake. White wedding cakes, under the Little Debbie marketing name, are perfect for making the quilt squares, but you could use a similar type of small, white, square cake. Although individual cakes are also available with frosting it’s much harder to make the brown cakes look like a patchwork quilt.

Separate a batch of white frosting into some disposable bowls and make each bowlful a different color. Stir in and/or mix colors to create several different shades of frosting. Spread a frosting color over each of the snack cakes and spread it smooth. Use gel frosting, piped icing, sprinkles, and similar things, to decorate each quilt square to be different. Or, create two or three patterns, and make several cakes of each pattern. There are no limits to the designs you can create.

Make triangles inside the squares (the cakes themselves), by making an “X” with frosting. Each open area of the “X” can be decorated to be different. Make one section with stripes, one with dots, one solid-colored triangle, and one with a zigzag frosting design. Or, create your own combination. It can be helpful to look at pictures of actual patchwork quilt blocks to get ideas for how you want each section to look. Decorate just the tops of the cakes.

When you’re finished decorating each individual cake, carefully lift each with a small spatula, and place it on a serving tray. Push the cakes closely together to create the look of a quilt. If you want, you can make heavy outlines around the cakes, and around the entire quilt, to blend the blocks nicely. Serve the unusual and delicious cake at your next special event and your guests will think you’re an even better cake maker than you are a quilter!


As we see, birthday cake is very important. From the Quilt Block Cake, you can have a different look to your birthday cake. The quilt cake is different and people like it. You can present this great idea with flower and candle on it so it can look like birthday cake with candle. There are many ideas to make this idea much more better and you can tell the parent of the child even more wonderful birthday cakes you have presented before.

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