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Photos by Dot Lang

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1. Susan Holder
"1st quilt"
This quilt was made by and belongs to Safa. She is 10 years old and a student of Susan Holder.
2. Susan Holder
"1st Quilt"
This quilt was made by and belongs to Noor. She is 12 years old and a student of Susan Holder.
3. Aleta Mayrose 
"Left, Right, Center" 
Quilted by Aleta Mayrose 
At our bee retreat all of us cut nine 5” squares and played a game Left, Right, Center, Keep. The winners gave all their blocks to me. I sewed them together and made this quilt.
4. Aleta Mayrose 
"Northern Neighbors"
Pattern is Northern Neighbors by Deb Tucker 
I started this about 2 ½ years ago and finished the top at my bee retreat earlier this month. It will be quilted by Nancy Carr and then go to my sister. (After the quilt show)
 5. Deby Calvert, Kathi Runyan, Kay Thomas, Marie Mote, Linda Davis 

Quilts from the Paula Barnes workshop in January.

6.Chris Atwell 
Quilted by Catherine Cureton
 Pattern is Propelled by Running Doe 
This quilt is part of a Quilt Along to make a top a month. I used a layer cake I have had for a long time.
7.Chris Atwell 
"Propelled With Cats"  
Quilted by Catherin Cureton 
Pattern is Propelled by Running Doe. 
My 2nd Propelled quilt made with various cat fabrics.
8.Chris Atwell 
Quilted by Catherin Cureton 
Pattern is Stargazer by Running Doe 
Another quilt for the Running Doe top along. Trying to use up my scraps.
9.Teresa Galegher  
"Star Crossed Paths" 
Quilted by Teresa Galegher
This will be my daughter’s birthday quilt. She gets one every year. This is #21.
10.  Terina Nowlin 
"Tractor Quilt" 
Quilted by Terina Nowlin 
Original pattern Dad sent me a piece of tractor fabric and said make me a tractor quilt. This is what I came up with.
11. .Terina Nowlin 
   "Text Me" 
Pattern is Text Me Scrap 
Out of a book called ScrapBounty Basket.
12. Marilyn Cox  
"Unicorn Pillow" 
Quilted by Marilyn Cox 
My granddaughter picked these fabrics last Christmas for a Unicorn Pillow.
13. Marie Mote 
"Mustangs for Gatehouse" 
Quilted by Ann Owens 
A fat quarter pattern online that I expanded  Found this yard of mustangs in my stash and thought it would work well for a boy quilt
14..Marie Mote 
Quilted by Ann Owens 
Pattern is Girlie Girl This was mostly made from fabric I purchased for daughter's/granddaughter’s dresses that never got made.
15. Pam Roark 
Quilted by Terina Nowlin 
Pattern is New York Beauty
 Learned how to make this at Jackie’s Quilt Retreat last spring.
 16. Linda Davis Snow Day Quilted by Linda Davis Pattern is Linda’s original design  Started on May 5, 2014 which was the last time we had a real snow day – 7 inches.
17. Lisa Lerner Pink Applique Flower  Quilted by Lisa Lerner  Donated quilt top with blue dots for hand quilting. Luckily the dots did wash out so places where the stitching was off will not show. 18. Amy Cohen "Dog Quilt"
1st “big” quilt project.
19. Kayleen Allen 
Quilted by Ann Owens 
Three quilts donated to Gatehouse by Women Quilters from Martin United Methodist Church in Bedford
20. Donated to Gatehouse
  21. Donated to Gatehouse 

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